B810 Group

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a paradigm
referring to a technological path by which all
everyday objects can take on their own
digital identity, through the Internet.

The pleasure of an ever-connected world

We have carried out studies and produced goods with different applications for many markets, where the consumer's pleasure
of usage is bound to the rapid learning of new technologies.


Living Your Tech Home is the philosophy of Net-Saving.it, which complying with current and future technical standards focuses on the management of home automation and energy saving systems.
The solution connects all the user's home appliances to the global network, ensuring complete indoor and outdoor control of energy consumption and optimisation.

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Net-Children.it is a reality created to protect childhood through innovative accessories, increasing the safety and control over children.
The platform targets anyone wishing to use the specific services for family safety and protection, and more besides.

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Net-Travels.it is an ambitious service offering total interaction between the experience of movement and information flows, maximising the useful data available to users on their smart phones, tablets or other devices.
Net-Travels.it is a new approach to acquiring the perception and advantages of travelling, with a multi-dimensional database at hand.

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Net-Pet.it is a project aimed at all animal lovers who wish to have their pets movements and safety under control, so they can run around and play in complete freedom.

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Net-Safety.it is a service aimed at companies, designed to boost the safety of their workers.

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