B810 Group

The B810 group

A set of situations and people driven by
the same intuition and enthusiasm for riding
the crest of the wave in the new technological age.

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We were founded in Reggio Emilia in 2011. Our rapid growth and diversification of our activities are the result of hard work, passion and continuous investments.
The size we have reached allows us to work to a global logic, based on Design, Production and Logistics achieving the highest levels of excellence.
Four production systems and over 150 employees provide high technology and services at low cost.

Our Know how

Research and Development (R&D), Quality processes and Customer service.
R&D means supporting market globalisation, internationalisation and the dissemination of strategic alliances,
targeting research according to demand and future needs.
Quality processes means minimising waste, complying with safety standards, involving staff working on a team basis, to enhance
our activities and maximise the contribution of everyone.
Customer service means recognising the real value for the customers, and aligning business processes to match their timing and needs.

The Companies

Our group is the synergic union of different companies offering complete, cutting-edge solutions every time.
Our extensive experience in the connections field has helped us to develop innovative technologies applied to daily life.


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The "ideas farm" where the most innovative projects in the IOT and other sectors are born. Bytt is a melting pot of brains, researching solutions for the B810 group.

B810 industrial

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The business linked to the industrial world, the beating heart of our group's production. The electronics manufacturer working to the highest quality standards.


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Net-Fashion.it is a service targeting businesses in the fashion, luxury, accessories and design sector.


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Net-Saving.it is a service for managing energy resources, optimising domestic and industrial consumption and preventing the connected risks.


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Net-Children.it is a service focusing on child safety and peace of mind for the whole family.


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Net-Travels.it targets the moving world, offering advantages for operators in different sectors (large scale retail, tourism, insurance, etc.) as well as end users.


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Net-Pet.it is a project aimed at all animal lovers who wish to have their pets movements and safety under control


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Net-Safety.it is a project aimed at companies that want to increase safety and reduce risks at work.


Net-Pet.it is a project which offers instruments designed to safeguard what we hold dearest.